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    Studio 360: Bruce Mau Design Rebrands Canada (by PRI) | 

    An interesting approach to branding Canada for US consumption…

    Via Underconsideration/Brand New:

    In the latest installment of the now popular Studio360 Redesigns series — past subjects include "Teachers" andValentine’s Day — the radio show hosted by Kurt Andersen has looked North for inspiration: Redesign Canada. They tasked Bruce Mau Design with the brief to “fix the image problem Canada has here in the United States,” who instead of responding with a new identity decided the problem wasn’t with their country but with the United States: “Canada doesn’t need a redesign,” BMD explains in this thorough PDF, “America needs an education.” Their proposal, Know Canada, uses the very recognizable red bars of the Canadian flag as a frame for everything from twenty-first-century icons to inventions to actual places and people. The solution is simple, smart, and highly expandable — plus, there is not a maple leaf in sight. A few highlights of the work included in this post.” (Click here for original post)

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