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    Blood of Grapes (Wine bottle design and concept by Constantin Bolimond) | 

    I really love this design, I’d love to have this in my fridge. 

    Absolut Dr. Lakra. | 

    I want this bottle. 

    Thumbs Up on Flickr.

    You have to love the vintage bottle.

    Luzinterruptus’ “Drinking water running through the streets” | 

    Really awesome concept and execution.

    "In Madrid, in less than 30 years, more than 50% of the public fountains in service have been lost, which now are seen to be dismantled, broken, without a tap to drink from or simply dry.

    To criticize the indifference of the administration in regards to a necessary public service, we carried out our action. We have spent more than 4 months collecting the glass containers of the multiple vitamin supplement Infatrini, prescribed for little Alicia, who is now 1 year old, and whose father Fernando has been saving them for us with all the patience in the world.

    In total they have donated more than 200 vials to us that we have thoroughly cleaned and used to create our individual and luminous streams of water.

    On a cold night at the end of January, we went out into the street and took control of 4 unused public fountains in the city center, bringing them back to life for a few hours.

    We wanted to say that water is necessary for life and that the fountains that are used for drinking and refreshing ourselves seem much more necessary and beautiful to us than those which are merely ornamental, which the citizens cannot normally get close if not for some football event of “national interest”… Luzinterruptus

    Budweiser Rocks the Bowtie | 

    While it is a good redesign, it seems unnecessary to me. There was someting endearing and almost timeless about the old packaging: it felt classic. I understand that a lot of times companies feel like they have to get up with the times, but I don’t know if Budweiser really needed to make that move. 


    Original Coca–Cola Hutchinson Bottle

    Really beautiful bottle and packaging.

    Pink Pigeon Rum

    Really lovely design work on the bottle. I love the contrast between the white design on the black bottle and the pink accent on the neck. The typography and imagery are also quite beautiful.


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