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    Jarabe Tapatío on Flickr.

    For Rutgers University Student Life’s end of the year staff celebration, they brought in an authentic mariachi band. It was quite impressive to hear their music and still more impressive to see the dancers demo jarabe tapatío, also known as the Mexican Hat Dance. I actually had never seen any of this in person before, so I was pretty amazed by it all.

    Shot with my Nikon D5100.

    Lucha Libre on Flickr.

    One day I really want to design my own luchador mask.

    A Hermit’s Journey on Flickr.

    My sister spotted this guy during our stop in Cozumel, Mexico. These little guys are so tiny and really easy to miss. Honestly, I almost stepped on him…

    This trip was the first time I really got to test out the Olympus TG-1. I shot this using the camera’s macro mode, which I have to say I am pretty impressed with.

    Over the next week I will be posting a few of the better photos from my vacation, all shot with the TG-1. Hope you enjoy.

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