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    Disclosure on Flickr.

    From the Disclosure show on January 19 at Terminal 5. Wouldn’t mind seeing them again.

    Casino Lighting on Flickr.

    I’m trying to convince myself to shoot more again and share more of my photos here, even if they are just snapshots. Not everything you shoot can be the greatest thing ever, get thousands of views or favorites. I always tell myself to avoid perfection but I have found myself heavily judging every photo I take, culling down so much that I have barely shared anything this year.

    So starting now, I’m just going to put my quarter in the slot and see what I get.

    About the image:

    A group of us went out to Atlantic City for my friends birthday. I always felt like casinos have really interesting lighting, I would love to do a full shoot in one someday. While we were waiting for all of our friends to get there, Elyse was just sitting there and I was loving the way the light from the slot machine was billing the left side of her face. This was also a good shot for re-familiarizing myself with my XZ-1, which, sadly, I haven’t used much this year. I know there is quite a bit of noise, and the image is somewhat blurred, but I really like the way it came out.

    Practice on Flickr.

    I know I have been shooting incredibly infrequently lately, and I am really sorry. Work and life have been keeping me busy, and the winter is the worst for getting out and shooting.

    Recently we have started training our new crop of interns. My office is now hosting about 32 interns in total, focusing in fields like design, web development, video, social media, and, of course, photography.

    Jami, pictured here, is one of our multidisciplinary interns, learning design, video and photography. We decided to start her off with a T3i to get some practice and learn about how to adjust the settings of a DSLR. Can’t wait to see some of her practice shots.

    Wonder on Flickr.

    I really love Alex’s expression. She is somewhere between amazement because of how cool sparklers are, and the fear of being burned by one.

    I know it’s soft and out of focus, but I was a little impressed by the E-PL2’s ability to get this at ISO 200.

    Shot with my Olympus PEN E-PL2 with Panasonic Lumix G 20mm F1.7 ASPH.

    A Kiss in a Sea of Sparklers on Flickr.

    Following the ceremony of Eric and Paul’s wedding. It was like a scene from a movie.

    Starting Fires on Flickr.

    The start of last Monday’s Homecoming Kickoff Bonfire at Rutgers.

    Shot with my Olympus PEN E-PL2.

    Jinkies on Flickr.

    Apparently after the gang disbanded, Velma took up selling swords at New York Comic Con…

    Shot with my Olympus PEN E-PL2 with Panasonic Lumix G 20mm / F1.7 ASPH Lens

    Swimming on the Roof on Flickr.

    Can’t say I’ve seen people swimming on a roof before in Philly…

    Taken from my window at the Sonesta Hotel.

    Miike Snow on Flickr.

    Miike Snow performing at the Budweiser Made In America Festival in Philly. They killed it.

    By the Power of Grayskull on Flickr.

    Found this awesome little pewter He-Man at the Kutztown Folk Festival.
    Should have bought it…

    Thumbs Up on Flickr.

    You have to love the vintage bottle.

    Lucha Libre on Flickr.

    One day I really want to design my own luchador mask.

    Hard at Work on Flickr.

    Saw this guy hard at work while waiting to climb the Dunn’s River Falls. As hot as it was in Jamacia, it’s pretty impressive that he could be out all day just painting.

    A Hermit’s Journey on Flickr.

    My sister spotted this guy during our stop in Cozumel, Mexico. These little guys are so tiny and really easy to miss. Honestly, I almost stepped on him…

    This trip was the first time I really got to test out the Olympus TG-1. I shot this using the camera’s macro mode, which I have to say I am pretty impressed with.

    Over the next week I will be posting a few of the better photos from my vacation, all shot with the TG-1. Hope you enjoy.

    I Love to Cuttle on Flickr.

    I can never resist making really bad puns…

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