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    /1 Mikaela Mayer (by drpeppervideos) | 

    Seriously, these are so good.

    /1 (by drpeppervideos) | 

    I love Dr. Pepper’s new ad campaign (despite being for a soda)

    Advertising Reel 2012 (by mpcvfx) | 

    This reel is fantastic, I could watch their work all day. 

    Edible Human Parts Butcher Shop Exhibition to Promote Resident Evil 6 | 

    Fun stuff. 

    Green Giant Vintage Ads | 

    Is it just me, or is Jolly Green a little creepy? 

    Zombie Experiment NYC (by putzombiesback) |

    I want to make this happen at Rutgers, I think it would be amazing.

    Perception - An Interactive Billboard (by PerceptionTNT) | 

    This is really cool, I will probably never watch this show, but this is one damn cool way to advertise it.

    Guinness: QR Code Cup | 

    Pretty cool idea, too bad more people don’t scan QR codes.

    American Apparel Ads Banned | 

    Pretty interesting, how do you feel about this?

    American Apparel are certainly known for their provocative adverts, but apparently they’ve taken it too far with the “nude buttocks” in their latest series of eight ads. The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority say they are too exploitative and pornographic.

    "We considered that in the particular context of images which featured nudity and sexually provocative poses, there was a voyeuristic and ‘amateurish’ quality to the images which served to heighten the impression that the ads were exploitative of women and inappropriately sexualized young women."

    In retaliation, AA said it was “important to judge what was and was not offensive by reference to the current times and the views of the majority of decent and reasonable people, not a small and puritanically-minded minority.” They also defended their choice to use “real women” rather than models in their shoot, stating that consumers can relate to these types of photographs and that the women were “happy, relaxed, and confident in expression and pose.”

    The final decision taken was that 7 of the 8 ads will not be allowed to run again, and American Apparel have been warned not to produce similar ads in the future.”

    Edit: I am going to be changing the image to the banned ones when I am in front of a computer next. http://www.nationalturk.com/en/british-advertising-authority-bans-american-apparel-ads-for-provocative-images-17443

    Nostalgic Video Game Magazine Cover Art & Vintage Design Print Ads From The Past | 

    Some of these are so dope. Got to love the classic Metal Gear ad.

    New Lego Campaign from Germany | 

    Why do they have all the awesome Lego campaigns overseas? 

    L’Odyssée de Cartier (by Cartier) | 

    Why is this so damn epic?

    Behind the scenes of the Marni at H&M commercial (by hennesandmauritz) | 

    Cool to see the behind the scenes on this.

    More from the latest Axe Anarchy campaign “Unleash the chaos”.  

    I actually really love these.

    (via helloyoucreatives)

    Audi quattro® TV Commercial - “Ahab” (60s) (by AudiofAmerica) | 

    This commercial is pretty hilarious.

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