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    Viorel Popescu Shoots a Real and Authentic London | 

    London can’t possibly be this strange…

    Madison Street Bicycle By Detroit Bicycle Company | 


    Hufnagel Handmade Cycles | 

    Sweet ride.

    Tour de France 2012: Part one | 

    Some really sweet photos from the competition. 

    Strada Customs (by Stink Grenade Studios) | 

    Pretty cool look at assembling bikes. Pretty dope bikes too.

    Portrait Photography by Jaroslav Monchak | 

    Lovely portraiture work.

    Lukasz Zietek Photography | 

    Lukasz has some great photos and seems to be incredibly flexible with the way he shoots.

    Showing: Ai Weiwei – “Absent” @ Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Part II) | 

    This piece is ridiculous. 

    Epic Fail (FR) (by DVV / LES AP) | 

    I really love the way this is shot… oh and it’s just a little bit awesome. Not going to ruin it, but this is brilliant.

    Great use of The Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone. And the Phantom HD Gold for filming is choice.

    Classics on Flickr.

    Can’t go wrong with classic bikes or classics cars.

    Wooden Bicycle by Jan Gunneweg | 

    If it’s sturdy this is a really awesome idea.

    UK World Naked Bike Ride (NSFW, Duh) | 

    Such a strange yet interesting event. (There is no way riding a bike naked is comfortable)

    Bicycle Portraits: an everyday South African love affair

    Great portraits and awesome bicycles.


    Kind of old, but I really love the idea behind this project. I also really love how their photos come out.

    downtownfrombehind is a photographic project capturing subjects riding their bike from behind on every street, some 200+ streets, avenues and lanes below 14th in New York City.  

    The concept is an environmental portrait for each street and its subject.  The goal to highlight a unique set of individuals who have had an impact, previously or currently on downtown New York City, making downtown what it is today.  

    Subjects photographed to date have included designers, musicians, artists,  restauranter, entrepreneurs, hoteliers, academics and celebrity activists. 

    As well as highlighting some of downtown’s most dynamic individuals in their respective fields, downtownfrombehind is passionate about sustainability and a greener environment. downtownfrombehind supports Little Ambitious; a philanthropic initiative supporting Young Designers & Inventors who are focused on green innovation that will have a positive impact on our environment. Design Will Save The World.”

    Vanessa by Wee Khim for Style Singapore January 2011

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