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    A few months ago I shot an interview with the New Jersey rapper Dirty Mac about his new album. Check it out.

    Ilott vintage wood cameras | 

    This is gorgeous.

    Ilott restores old cameras and replaces the leather with wood veneer. They also make rather nice leather camera straps.”

    Canon EOS-M: hands-on preview of Canon’s first mirrorless EOS: Digital Photography Review | 

    I want to put my hands all over it!

    EOS M - Small and simple EOS (by CanonEurope) | 

    I have to admit, I think this camera is actually looking really cool. I’m not even a Canon shooter and I got excited checking out everything this little giant has to offer.

    Canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon D800 Comparison (by drumat5280) | 

    Really great comparison video. (The 5DMkIII isn’t actually weather sealed though)

    Finally Famous on Flickr.

    Big Sean performing at Rutgers on March 29, 2012.

    All I Want Is You on Flickr.

    Miguel preforming at Rutgers on March 29, 2012.

    Desolate and Disowned on Flickr.

    The Air I Breathe prepping for their performance at Rutgers back in February.

    The Only Thing You Talk About on Flickr.

    A shot of Craig Owens getting down at D.R.U.G.S.’s performance at Rutgers in February.

    Le Mont, La Pluie et La Nuit: The beauty of Le Mont St Michel (by Philip Bloom) | 

    Philip Bloom shooting with the Canon C300 (and some Canon DSLRs). Pretty.

    Canon C300 Review (by Philip Bloom) | 

    I love how in depth he gets with the features and the operation of the camera, as well as his likes and dislikes.

    Getting a New View on Flickr.

    Mike got a new Canon 60D (finally upgraded from an XTi) and was taking some time to acquaint himself with his new camera.

    Canon EOS C300 = Awesome (by Jonathan Yi) | 

    This camera impresses me more and more every time I read about it or watch something about it. This video does a great job of showing you exactly why this is such an exciting camera.

    Mobius (by Vincent Laforet) | 

    And here is the short film. 

    Mobius :: Behind The Scenes (by Blake Whitman) | 

    Behind the scenes on a short film shot with the new Canon EOS 300. Camera looks pretty dope. I kind of want one.

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