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Hi, I'm Larry McAllister II (AKA LARRYTRON). I am an artist, graphic designer, photographer and project manager/art director.

This is my scrap book of inspiration. I love visual culture. Everything from graphic design and typography, to tattoos, to graffiti, to photography... clothes, cars, architecture, nature... all of it is inspiring.

Some of the images contained here belong to me and are tagged as such, all other work is credited whenever possible or has active click-through links to get to the original posting.

Check out my personal portfolio at: Larry McAllister II {DOT} com

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    A few months ago I shot an interview with the New Jersey rapper Dirty Mac about his new album. Check it out.

    Ilott vintage wood cameras | 

    This is gorgeous.

    Ilott restores old cameras and replaces the leather with wood veneer. They also make rather nice leather camera straps.”

    Canon EOS-M: hands-on preview of Canon’s first mirrorless EOS: Digital Photography Review | 

    I want to put my hands all over it!

    EOS M - Small and simple EOS (by CanonEurope) | 

    I have to admit, I think this camera is actually looking really cool. I’m not even a Canon shooter and I got excited checking out everything this little giant has to offer.

    Canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon D800 Comparison (by drumat5280) | 

    Really great comparison video. (The 5DMkIII isn’t actually weather sealed though)

    Finally Famous on Flickr.

    Big Sean performing at Rutgers on March 29, 2012.

    All I Want Is You on Flickr.

    Miguel preforming at Rutgers on March 29, 2012.

    Desolate and Disowned on Flickr.

    The Air I Breathe prepping for their performance at Rutgers back in February.

    The Only Thing You Talk About on Flickr.

    A shot of Craig Owens getting down at D.R.U.G.S.’s performance at Rutgers in February.

    Le Mont, La Pluie et La Nuit: The beauty of Le Mont St Michel (by Philip Bloom) | 

    Philip Bloom shooting with the Canon C300 (and some Canon DSLRs). Pretty.

    Canon C300 Review (by Philip Bloom) | 

    I love how in depth he gets with the features and the operation of the camera, as well as his likes and dislikes.

    Getting a New View on Flickr.

    Mike got a new Canon 60D (finally upgraded from an XTi) and was taking some time to acquaint himself with his new camera.

    Canon EOS C300 = Awesome (by Jonathan Yi) | 

    This camera impresses me more and more every time I read about it or watch something about it. This video does a great job of showing you exactly why this is such an exciting camera.

    Mobius (by Vincent Laforet) | 

    And here is the short film. 

    Mobius :: Behind The Scenes (by Blake Whitman) | 

    Behind the scenes on a short film shot with the new Canon EOS 300. Camera looks pretty dope. I kind of want one.

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