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    Typography by Martin Schmetzer | 

    Gorgeous type work!

    SSK by Mercedes-Benz | 

    Some things are impossibly beautifully designed. 

    Ryan Frease: New Work | 

    Think I want one of these posters for my office.

    Student Work: Russell Edling: Homespun Records | 

    Really great student work, wish they were interning in my office.

    Appreciating: Saul Bass and the Movies |

    Birthday shout out to a design legend.


    This is really impressive, it takes a great understanding of the sneakers’ pieces to put something like this together.

    Merystache Sneaker Necklaces | 

    Pretty fun idea, I bet I know some sneakerheads that would get pretty hyped for these.

    Hand Beats Filter in New Instagram Wordmark | 

    Pretty sure I like this new wordmark, but I will miss the somewhat “messy” nature of the original. It had a sort of charm to it that I liked. I wonder how many people will notice the change though, I feel like the most ubiquitous piece for Instagram is their app icon.

    Laser Space Cats Leggings | 

    Clearly I need to meet ladies who wear stuff like this. 

    Tattoo Inspiration: Jubss Lili Contraseptik | 

    Really sweet design, the lines are so great.

    An OCD cutting board for OCD chefs | 

    This is really awesome, really great for precision cutting.

    Poop Lamp by Diana Dumitrescu |

    I think I need one of these for my desk.

    Paparazzi Lamp - Hanging lampMónoculo Design Studio | 

    This is one awesome lamp.

    Olly Moss’s Oscars poster features 85 Best Picture winners | 

    This is awesome, make sure you click through to see some detail images of this poster.

    Too rude to print? | 

    Sweet design, interesting story. Click through to read the whole thing. 

    Illustration agents Dutch Uncle Tweeted what appeared to be a saucy new Time Out cover yesterday, created for the magazine’s new sex issue by illustrator Noma Bar. So it was much to our surprise that Time Out arrived in London this morning with a blank cover instead.

    Shown above is what was purported to be Noma Bar’s intended sex issue cover, in all its naughty glory. However Time Out appear to have had a last-minute change of heart, instead running the below blank cover, underneath a cover wrap.”

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