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    Laser Cut Florescent Acrylic Space Invaders Chess | 

    This is awesome, I would love to have this. 

    2013 Hyundai Santa Fe | Big Game Ad | “Team” (by HyundaiUSA) | 

    I may have laughed a little too hard, but I think this is hilarious. Partially takes me back to the old sports movies they used to put out as a kid, but with less outcasts and more badasses. 

    Injustice - 15 Minutes of Gameplay EVO 2012 (by IGNentertainment) | 

    This could either be a really awesome game, or really horrible. I do like some of the character redesigns for the game and the approach of giving the characters more armored costumes than the traditional spandex. 

    Rockband Beatles - Intro (Passion Pictures) (by Guillaume Cassuto)

    Really brilliantly animated and does a good job of representing The Beatles’ stylistic evolution. Never played the game, but this video is amazing.

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