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    GoPro HD Hero 2 Wedding Bouquet Camera (by Ben Horne) | 

    Pretty interesting idea, I kind of wish the camera was in the bouquet she threw though.

    GoPro HERO3: Black Edition - Smaller, Lighter and 2X More Powerful (by GoProCamera) | 

    I want to go do some epic stuff now…

    GoPro HD HERO3 with Wi-Fi and App Compatibility | 

    I want to play with this. 

    Hula Cam- GoPro Hula Hoop (Watch in HD) (by theoriginalhelski) | 

    Such an awesome idea, really disorienting, but cool.

    Experience Zero Gravity (by Betty Wants In) | 

    This is a really cool video. Really makes me want to jump off/out of things and see how it really feels.

    Dan Spangler’s Combustion Cannon on Make: Live ep15 (by makemagazine) | 

    Why don’t I have time to build sweet ass canon’s like this? Thing looks legit.

    Extremities (by Eli Stonberg) | 

    Awesome (though disorienting and nauseating) video created using 6 GoPro cameras attached to the body/board plus some additional cameras. Pretty cool idea.

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