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    I need this book.

    Estudio PUHL illustration | 

    Sick illustrations.

    Student Work: Russell Edling: Homespun Records | 

    Really great student work, wish they were interning in my office.

    Incredible Iron Man Chalkboard Art Spotted in the Breakroom | 

    This is pretty impressive, wish I had a surface to do one of these in my office or home.


    the lumbermancer faces king ironpaw at a desperate hour 

    Love this so much.

    Illustration by Jorge Roa | 

    Really awesome style, I love the quality of the lines and the colors.

    Illustration by Victor Beuren | 

    Victor does some really nice illustrative work, I love the style.

    Concept Art by Dan LuVisi | 

    So I shared one more, because his stuff is too good. 

    Concept Art by Dan LuVisi | 

    Dude has so much awesome art, it’s really hard to pick just one piece to share…

    Two Words and a Coffee: an illustration blog | 

    I laughed really loudly looking at this.

    Kyle Mowat Art | 

    Kyle has a pretty strange and cool style. 


    I am loving these. 

    TILT “Marilyn” Print | 

    Dope take on an image that has been crammed down our throats for years. 

    Illustration by Rukmunal Hakim | 

    Such a beautiful and intricate style. 

    Illustration by Graphik(H) | 

    Pretty sweet style.

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