Avoidence of Perfection

Hi, I'm Larry McAllister II (AKA LARRYTRON). I am an artist, graphic designer, photographer and project manager/art director.

This is my scrap book of inspiration. I love visual culture. Everything from graphic design and typography, to tattoos, to graffiti, to photography... clothes, cars, architecture, nature... all of it is inspiring.

Some of the images contained here belong to me and are tagged as such, all other work is credited whenever possible or has active click-through links to get to the original posting.

Check out my personal portfolio at: Larry McAllister II {DOT} com

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    I need this book.

    Estudio PUHL illustration | 

    Sick illustrations.

    Student Work: Russell Edling: Homespun Records | 

    Really great student work, wish they were interning in my office.

    Incredible Iron Man Chalkboard Art Spotted in the Breakroom | 

    This is pretty impressive, wish I had a surface to do one of these in my office or home.


    the lumbermancer faces king ironpaw at a desperate hour 

    Love this so much.

    Illustration by Jorge Roa | 

    Really awesome style, I love the quality of the lines and the colors.

    Illustration by Victor Beuren | 

    Victor does some really nice illustrative work, I love the style.

    Concept Art by Dan LuVisi | 

    So I shared one more, because his stuff is too good. 

    Concept Art by Dan LuVisi | 

    Dude has so much awesome art, it’s really hard to pick just one piece to share…

    Two Words and a Coffee: an illustration blog | 

    I laughed really loudly looking at this.

    Kyle Mowat Art | 

    Kyle has a pretty strange and cool style. 


    I am loving these. 

    TILT “Marilyn” Print | 

    Dope take on an image that has been crammed down our throats for years. 

    Illustration by Rukmunal Hakim | 

    Such a beautiful and intricate style. 

    Illustration by Graphik(H) | 

    Pretty sweet style.

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