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    Rain Room at the Barbican, 2012 (by rAndom International) |

    This looks like a pretty awesome installation. I wish I could see this in person. 

    8 bit Umbrella (by E.D.K.) | 

    Kind of a cool idea.

    The sound of rain: Photography by Christophe Jacrot | 

    Some really lovely shots of/in the rain.

    New photography by Gregory Crewdson | 

    Amazing photos, perfectly gloomy for a day like today.

    Passenger in car catches the end of the rainbow | 

    Straight up absurd!


    Rain Installation by Stacee Kalmanovsky

    Ridiculously awesome.

    Rainy Morning on Flickr.

    I actually like rainy mornings, I find them to be pretty relaxing. I love looking out the window and seeing the rain drops cling to the screen.

    Rain by Navid Baraty | 

    Great series of photos.

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