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    Style Rebrand (by Gretel) | 

    I think this is a pretty successful rebrand, as a few others have pointed out, the treatment finally feels stylish. 

    StumbleUpon Stumbles on Hidden Shape | 

    I don’t mind the new logo, but the author of this post does offer a great point:

    I’m typically not one to look for shapes in clouds, much less go for kick-in-the-groin humor but, let’s face it, the “SU” monogram looks like a small, husky penis. Even more so when used small, no pun intended. I like to urge designers to always ask themselves: “Does this logo look like a penis?” The answer has to be a resounding “No”. If there is just a slight hesitation, then it probably does look like a penis. But let’s assume I’m just being juvenile, the icon is actually nice, bold, and simple.”

    The Logo Less Traveled

    I really like the simplified approach.

    Saxx Underwear

    This is a really good redesign. Simple and to the point with no frivolous mark.

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