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    20-foot balloon dinosaur at the Virginia Museum of Natural History | 

    I’d love to have one of these in my house.

    Cardboard sculptures by Dylan Shields | 

    These are phenomenal. 

    Incarnate, by Maskull Lasserre | 

    This is a sick piece. 

    The Works of Jonathan Latiano |

    Really sick installation, I’d love to see this in person.

    The Works of Adel Abdessemed |)

    Such an insane piece.

    Theo Jansen (by Salazar) | 

    Theo does some of the most amazing work. 

    Dioramas by Lori Nix 

    Insane: ““The City”, by Lori Nix. It’s just not fair to simply label her a photographer when you consider that what you’re actually looking at is an insanely detailed hand-built diorama. Each diorama takes about seven months to build and photograph, and they range from about half a metre to nearly two metres in diameter. She shoots the scenes with an 8×10 medium format camera. See more below!”

    Sculptures made of Flowers | 

    These are really incredible. 

    Recycled Art Project by Ali Golzad | 

    Such an awesome use of cardboard.

    Rolls by Anastassia Elias | 

    Think I might have shared Anastassia’s work before, just so cool. 

    Freya Jobbins’ Gruesome Portraits Made Out Of Doll Parts | 

    The stuff of nightmares.

    The Making and Installing of Damien Hirst’s ‘Verity’ Sculpture | 


    Hand-carved wood sculptures by Morgan Herrin | 

    These are some really beautiful pieces.

    Keyboard horse (Babis Cloud|

    This is so cool. 

    Working With Feathers: The Art of Kate MccGwire |

    Kate makes some really beautiful installations.

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