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    LARRY SHOOTS! » Made In America Festival | 

    Just some quick thoughts on the Made In America Festival and some of my highlights.

    The Show Must Go On | The Blog of Larry McAllister II | 

    Click through for my latest post on my personal blog. I put a lot of my photos from the deadmau5 concert on there, so check em out.

    Cluttered on Flickr.

    "If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, Of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?"

    -Albert Einstein.

    Calvin and Hobbes |

    Without question, one of the best comics of all time. This particular one speaks to me on a personal level (as most of them do).

    (via makegoodshit)

    "Why do people think artists are special? It’s Just another job." -Andy Warhol | 

    Great statement, and I completely agree with the thoughts below.


    All the artists I’ve known have been like everyone else, more or less - except for their ability to see ( artistic talent). Art collectors and the public however, seem to like their artists to be characters - larger than life stories, think van Gogh and Warhol. Success (read higher prices) is a result of talent and fame. Fame (press) can be had by winning awards - the slow hard way, or by marketing and/or flamboyant behavior. One could easily argue Warhol’s fame is due more to his ability to grab the spotlight rather than to his artistic talents.
    Art is an odd business.

    How do you feel about point and shoot cameras?

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