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    Typography by Martin Schmetzer | 

    Gorgeous type work!

    Hand Beats Filter in New Instagram Wordmark | 

    Pretty sure I like this new wordmark, but I will miss the somewhat “messy” nature of the original. It had a sort of charm to it that I liked. I wonder how many people will notice the change though, I feel like the most ubiquitous piece for Instagram is their app icon.

    Aizone Typography | 

    These are some really cool works. 

    The lettering, the font and the Art of Tommaso Guerra | 

    Really amazing typography.

    5ive RAW IDENTITY | 

    I love typography made of things like food.


    Another sweet tattoo from Mister Cartoon. 

    Nico | 

    Really sharing this because I love the type layout paired with the photo. 

    Photographed by Nico
    Model: Guinever van Seenus


    Could work nicely on titles or a shirt. 

    Tomoka | 

    Really beautiful packaging, I love the typography.

    Living Typography by Nishant Jethi | 

    These are some great pieces.

    Mawdsley shoots The Photographers’ Gallery | 

    I love the identity for this gallery, I want to check this place out.

    The Brooklyn Nets: I Call Technical Foul | 

    Everybody thinks they are a designer…

    Whether Jay Z opened up Adobe Illustrator and set the type on a curve himself or not remains a mystery but one thing is for sure: the logo family is technically worthless and embarrassing. The “NETS” typography on the primary logo is conceptually uninspired — if the identity is meant to convey Subway signage, where is the bold Helvetica? — and visually unbalanced with a shift in thicks and thins that is neither obvious enough to look like a Humanist sans nor non-existent where it would be a Geometric sans. My design bullshit-o-meter thinks that it might just be an horizontally scaled version of Akzidenz Grotesk Condensed, which makes an appearance in “BROOKLYN” in the primary logo and the “B” inside the basketball, which has its own kind of thick and thin lines that bear no resemblance to the type or the strokes in any of the logo versions. If the secondary logo looks familiar it might be because another Brooklyn institution, Brooklyn Brewery, has a big “B” inside a circle with type on a curve above and below it. (The type in this secondary logo is so spaced out you could fit the egos of all the Nets owners in between.) The overall effect of the logos is painfully close to the recently popular and painfully accurate Hipster Branding.

    Clearly, you get the sense that I don’t like this. I don’t. But I do appreciate the renegade simplicity and the choice of black and white as the color palette. It’s no Oakland Raiders, but it could potentially get there.”

    ALPHABETIC (by BlinkmyBrain”) | 

    My inner type lover just got so giddy.

    ABC monsters (by La Pompadour) | 

    Simple and awesome.

    A mark for Lark | 

    Really great design and identity work. That R is just perfect.

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